Do you charge a diagnostic fee?

 No!  There are times that your TV may not be repairable, so we firmly believe that if you cannot use the TV any longer, you shouldn't have to  pay for someone to give you bad news.  

Is my TV worth fixing?

 In most cases, yes, your TV is worth repairing.  Please feel free to give us a call with your model number and symptom and we can assist you in determining if its worth repairing

Do you ever sell TVs?

 Yes we do.  Our inventory changes frequently and when we have TVs available, they go quick. Please call us with any inquiries or like us on Facebook to see our available TVs.  https://www.facebook.com/CedarGroveTv

My TV has a broken screen, what can  I do?

 Unfortunately, if your TV has a broken screen, its not cost effective to replace the screen.  New screens are not only hard to find, but usually cost more than a new TV will cost.  We do not offer screen replacement as a service!


How do I know if my screen is damaged?

If the TV has lines (any color, size, or direction) or has what looks like a spider web, the TV screen has been damaged.  Damage can occur from the slightest impacts, drops, even squeezing it too hard when handling the tv.   

Where is my model number located?

 The model number will be located on the back of the TV, on a sticker.  Please have your model number ready when contacting us for a quote.

Do you service or carry lamps/parts for DLP, Projection or CRT (tube) TVs?

 No.  We only service flat panel TVs (the ones with flat backs)  We do not carry parts for people to purchase.